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33 is upon us! Orlando, Florida will host a WrestleMania with one of the biggest cards ever (as of now we have thirteen matches and all sorts of shenanigans with the hoasting). WrestleMania is what the WWE uses to end their "season" and start a new one the following night on . It's also the Pay Per View that can make a superstar's career if they have an amazing performance. As a long time wrestling fan, there are six things that I would love to see happen at this year's WrestleMania.

1. Nia Jax Leaves Champion

has been one of the most dominant women since she entered the WWE. One by one she has used her size and skill to defeat or flat out dominate everyone in her path. Even though I'm sure this is just a way to get or Charlotte over by letting one of them get the pin on Nia, I'd like for the Nia to leave Mania victorious and usher a new age of dominance.

This also a way to show that a woman with curves can still be a champion. Nia Jax is always in the gym working on her craft. Her being big should show women of all ages to not let what is deemed as "wrong" deter them from their goals.

Nia Jax actually spoke about getting her own action figure and the figure having her curves.

"I’m blown away that I actually have an official action figure! I absolutely LOVE that it is anatomically correct! Shows off all my curves. Yes, I have curves & yes I am an athlete & YES I am beautiful! Growing up playing with barbies it was hard to relate to the stick skinny dolls that I played with. Now I am a curvy action figure that young girls who are can play & relate to!"

2. Undertaker's Last Mania Match

I am as big an fan as the next person, but I think it's time for him to hang it up. The Undertaker is 52 years old and while he still performs on a high level, no one wants to see 'Taker and think, "What happened to him?" Let him go out before he turns into a shell of his former self. The streak has ended, but for the love of Odin, don't let his last match be him losing to .

I understand that the WWE higher ups look at Roman as the future, but he is not Undertaker. He isn't as skilled or as intimidating as 'Taker. It actually would have made more sense for Bray Wyatt to beat 'Taker. If Roman is going to win, hopefully it will be because the Shield reunites.

3. A Dean Ambrose Win Would be Nice

Since has gone solo, he has yet to win a match at WrestleMania and this year isn't looking too good either. (Metal Athlete of the Year)is on the rise and will more than likely beat Ambrose at WrestleMania. I know at some point Ambrose is going to have to drop the title and it will more than likely be to Corbin, but can Ambrose at least win at Mania and drop it at the next Pay Per View or even two days later on Smack Down Live?

4. Brock VS Goldberg

Hopefully the Brock VS match will last longer than it takes for you to read this article. Goldberg has been known throughout his career as a seemingly unstoppable force. In fact, the only people to beat Goldberg are Kevin Nash, Booker T, Bret Hart, Scott Steiner, and Triple H. And with the exception of that list and a few others, his matches haven't lasted longer than a few minutes (Spear, Jackhammer, pin). I really don't care who wins this match, but the WWE owes us for the last time they have fought.

5. AJ Styles beats Shane O Mac

I don't have enough time to tell you all of the reasons I am against this match. But the number one reason is because could be wrestling against so many other people and competing for the World Title. Instead he's Wrestling Shane McMahon. Will the match be good? I have my doubts. Shane will surely do something crazy to get the fans excited. But that is about it. This just seems like a waste of AJ Styles time.

6. Welcome Home Broken Matt Hardy

I am fully aware that this is a long shot, but I'd love to see Matt and Jeff Hardy make their debut at Mania. Both Hardy Boyz are free agents in the wrestling world and has teased the world about coming back to the WWE. What better place for Matt Hardy to return than WrestleMania in front of millions around the world. To top it off, it might even be in the middle of a New Day segment!

What are you hoping to see? Let me know in the comments below.


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