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It took him nearly two decades, but Samoa Joe has arrived as a main event star in the .

Joe technically made his debut a week ago when he smashed Seth Rollins, but he really showed his stuff during a Raw main event match with Roman Reigns on Monday Night Raw.

Two things became obvious in Joe's debut: 1) He works stiff and has a believable style. 2) Roman Reigns spends too much time on the canvas in his matches. Somebody get that boy an energy drink before he hits the gorilla position.

Let's look at Joe's debut:

He debuted to start the show -- wearing a suit. We don't want to see Kevin Owens or Samoa Joe in a suit. Joe in a suit symbolizes probably what CM Punk is thinking while he's not watching the show on his couch in Chicago: Joe has sold out.

But this is 2017, not 1987, and these days indy wrestlers are almost seen as failures if they don't go to the WWE. So we don't begrudge Joe for joining the WWE and immediately becoming a corporate member of the authority. Still, just like Kevin Owens, Joe needs to never wear the suit again.

Stephanie gushed over Joe like he was the modern day Andrew "Test" Martin. Mick Foley interrupted and said he was a big fan of Samoa Joe's but didn't like the people Joe associated himself with. Joe said the only man he owed anything to was Triple H, because he opened the door for him to join the WWE.

I may be marking out here and taking all of this too seriously, but it's just ironic that Joe is thanking Triple H for letting him join the WWE -- especially when Joe is like 10 years past his prime. But hey, why spoil a good wrestling angle.

So, here's Joe in his suit:

Joe signed his WWE contract and out came everybody's least favorite Samoan, Roman Reigns. Reigns challenged Joe and told him he was going to cave his jaw in. Any fool could see now that Reigns should be a heel. He should join forces with Joe and create the baddest Samoan duo EVER. Then, they can get the Usos and we're talking a Samoan World Order. But, of course, that will never happen because Vince McMahon won't rest until every boy in America is wearing Roman Reigns underoos.

Foley booked a match between Reigns and Joe in the main event, and I was half expecting Reigns to win with a Superman punch.

Nearly three hours later, we got our main event. Joe thankfully didn't wear the suit. He came out to his NXT music. From there, we saw Joe deliver his signature kicks, chops and slams, and poor Reigns probably thought he was in the ring with Bob Holly. Sorry Reigns, if you don't want to spend a few years learning the craft in the indies, Samoa Joe will bring the indies to you. Reigns looked like he was hurting in the match.

Later, Reigns got in some good offense, but his offense is only slightly better than John Cena. Reigns also does not know how to sell; he looks like he went to the Lex Luger-Bobby Lashley school of wrestling. SLOOOOWWWWW. . . The tortoise does NOT win in his fable.

Of course, the crowd cheered Joe and booed Reigns because the WWE does not know its audience. If it did, CM Punk would still be in the WWE, AJ Styles would still be champion and Reigns would be a heel.

They had a good match just because Joe is believable. Fortunately, they let Joe keep his towel and his fight trunks. He attacked Reigns from behind to start the match, which is not a bad gimmick.

The match was interrupted by Braun Strowman, who distracted Reigns, allowing Joe to get the win. Joe debuted a different finisher for him, a Uranage, a judo-like throw that also resembles a Rock Bottom. Let's hope they Keep Samoa Joe weird. So far so good. Joe is in the WWE and after week one, he is definitely not ruined.


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