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Chael Sonnen will fight Tito Ortiz Saturday night, January 21 at , in a long-awaited grudge match between two and legends.

Sonnen has once again showcased his incredible skills on the microphone in the buildup to the fight. Even though he never held a title, he successfully built himself into one of the biggest stars in the history of the business, largely because of his amazing microphone skills.

His durability and longevity can be partly attributed to his fight skills, but mostly due to his stellar self-promotion. Will he defeat Ortiz at Bellator 170? It doesn't really even matter. Sonnen, 39, has not fought in more than three years and has a record of 29-14-1. Wins and losses have never really mattered much to his career. He's going to be with us for a long time because he knows how to entertain us, just like a good professional wrestler.

But where exactly does Sonnen get his inspiration. His promos and interviews are laced with countless pro wrestling nuances, but he borrows from about three primary wrestlers when marketing himself.

Razor Ramon/Scott Hall

Chael Sonnen often calls himself "the bad guy." This is who he got it from. Razor Ramon was an early 1990s character who flicked toothpicks in people's faces and called himself "the bad guy."

Here's Razor, hanging out with Alberto Del Rio, with his "bad guy" T-shirt.

And here's Sonnen in his own "bad guy" T-shirt.

Superstar Billy Graham

Sonnen also borrows heavily from legendary WWE champion Superstar Billy Graham. Let's first watch Sonnen here:

Now listen to Superstar Billy Graham use the same "man of the hour" promo:

Sonnen cut another pro wrestling promo after he defeated Michael Bisping that was directly taken from Graham. You can watch that here.

Here's what Sonnen said after he defeated Bisping:

"Joe Rogan, tonight is not for questions for me, this is your night brother. I want to know how you feel being only inches away from greatness. I want you to tell everyone how it feels. Are you not mesmerized? Do you not have chills going up your spine, for the first time on FOX for you to be here, in Chael's Octagon, on Chael's network, holding Chael's microphone, interviewing Chael?"

Yep, pretty much the same thing. Sonnen ends this Bisping promo with the statement, "Beat me if you can."

Watch former , ECW and TNA wrestler, Taz, do the same thing:

Hulk Hogan

Sonnen also steals from Hulk Hogan as part of his act. Watch his "largest arms" statement in this Bellator interview.

And then here's the Hulkster tearing it up in one of his classic promos, where he also references "the largest arms."

Sonnen has clearly realized that he is in the fighting and entertainment business.


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