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A lot of blame has been thrown around in the aftermath of Cain Velasquez's seemingly forced withdrawal from his UFC 207 rematch with Fabricio Werdum. While the former heavyweight champion seemed to chalk it up to a case of the NSAC overstepping their reach at first, some fighters like Ben Rothwell are claiming that Velasquez essentially sabotaged himself in making statements to the press earlier this week about his already scheduled back surgery.

Rothwell's sentiment was echoed by UFC President Dana White earlier this week, who told reporters during the UFC 207 media scrum that Velasquez all but forced the athletic commission's hand in revealing the extent of his training injuries (which he claimed required the use of CBD oil just to deal with) to the press.

"When you're a fighter and you do an interview just days before a fight and say you can't stand for 10 minutes, that's insanity," said White.

"You know how irresponsible it would be not only for the UFC but for any athletic commission to allow that fight to happen? It absolutely makes no sense."

Hoping to clear the air, Velasquez took to his official Facebook page last night to give a complete rundown of the events that led to his withdrawal from the marquee pay-per-view.

While Velasquez did not blame the Nevada State Athletic Commission outright for his removal from the card, it's clear that he was very much intending to fight tomorrow night regardless of his health. Which, when you consider that his first fight with Werdum came following a two-year, injury-related absence, is probably for the best. If Velasquez couldn't even stand for 10 minutes without being in agonizing pain, then my guess is that a 15-minute battle with one of the greatest submission artists in the game would only have exacerbated things to a potential permanent extent.

Do you think the NSAC should have allowed Cain to fight?


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