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Every single time I go to a UFC event, I stare at the Octagon; I just envision it. I envision that I need to be in there. But the UFC still doesn’t have an atomweight division, so I’ve signed a six-fight deal with King of the Cage. In 2017, I’m going for it, I’m gonna stay active and rack up wins.

After a whole year of being passive, waiting for fights, and seeing what will come, I’m gonna get the fights I deserve ...

There aren’t a ton of opportunities for atomweight MMA fighters, yet; it’s my intention to rally for this division. And even though I’ve been very tempted to go up to 115, I think that King of the Cage is doing things right; they’re focusing on atomweights, and that’s rare.

No other promotion is doing that, and I think that’s partially why I chose . They have more shows, which means they have more opportunities for me to be active, and they have a roster of atomweights.

King of the Cage is also where a lot of UFC fighters started their careers: , DC, ; so it's good to be mentioned with those names.

With so few options out there, the King of the Cage deal definitely intrigued me. We’re working on my first opponent and fight date now. But, I expect to fight for the title soon enough, maybe in New York, maybe in Europe. I already beat their current atomweight champion, Andy Nguyen, so it’ll be an honor to be a King of the Cage world champion.

But I don’t just look towards the belt, the medal. I’m just hunting for wins as of right now; I just want more victories, more experience. That’s what I’m looking forward to.

I also want to get my stock up and get the rest of these atomweights going, and getting people to know about us so that the UFC can consider signing us. I really believe that we have talent, and we have stars in our division. And, I think if I stay at 105, they UFC will eventually give us the opportunities.

They just need a reason, they just need a star. You just need to give them a reason, and they’ll have you. I believe in it.

I don’t think it’s ever been the UFC’s intention to start each weight class. I think the opportunities arise when they see a star. Ronda Rousey opened the doors for 135; I’m trying to be the motivator for atomweight.

It’s the same way opened the doors for the strawweights, and I think Cyborg ultimately opened the doors for 145. I’m hoping to be that one at 105, but I welcome anybody to be that star for our division. I just want to see atomweights in the UFC.

Fortunately, until that happens, I have a great promotion that’s ready to get behind me and give me a lot of fights in 2017.

Who knows, I could even fight for a couple titles at King of the Cage. Once I get a couple fights and I get the 105 belt, I’m totally open to going after the 115 belt.

Look at what Juan Archuleta just did. He’s the 155 champ, he got the 145 belt and the 135 belt. He’s making history with King of the Cage, and I’m preparing to do the same, and put atomweights on the map.

And what better platform than King of the Cage.


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