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Earlier this week, I offered my stance on a potential fighter’s union. Now, I want to talk a bit more about free agency, and the great perspective it’s afforded me.

I’m pretty excited about the whole thing, and wherever I go, I know I’m gonna have a home. It should just be a couple more weeks before I make my decision, so stay tuned for that ...

Now most people are probably thinking that this is a two-horse race between the UFC and . Fortunately for me, both organizations have pretty impressive welterweight rosters, so wherever I go, there are bound to be exciting fights.

As the seventh-ranked welterweight in the UFC, there are plenty of options out there for me. I just ran through Neil Magny, a top-10 fighter, at UFC 202, so there are bunch of guys I can fight: Condit, Cerrone, Lawler.

But for me, I can’t stress it enough, it’s not about the rankings. It’s about exciting fights.

I can remember back in 2014, when I was training to fight Derek Brunson at UFC 177, I was having a tough time getting motivated for the matchup because I knew he just wanted to take me down, and those aren’t the kind of fights that do anything for me. I have a flashy, fan-friendly style, and I want to fight that way in the Octagon and cage.

That’s one of the reasons that my fight with in 2012 was so great, because he actually engaged with me.

Actually, I’ve never really spoken much about my win over Robbie because talking shit isn’t really my style, but part of me was a bit bummed when he lost the title. I was kind of hoping that he’d rule over the division for a while and that might help me get a title shot. But that doesn’t really matter at this point anyway.

What matters is that wherever I go, there will be exciting fights.

I mean honestly, if you look at that Bellator welterweight division, there’re are a lot of good stand-up fights for me, between Rory MacDonald, Douglas Lima, Andrey Koreshkov, Paul Daley, Brennan Ward, and Michael Page, there are plenty of guys who will engage with me to make an exciting fight.

And, at the end of the day, that’s what I really want.

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