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The card has come and passed, but lost in the fold may have been 's words at a live Q&A session leading up to the event.

While other organizations like and have more women's divisions, the UFC is still limited to just two: strawweight and bantamweight. Tate thinks that this is something needs to change but the time might not be quite right.

“I think 125lbs makes sense before a 145lbs division because it’s already a fuller division. I think that will come with time, but I think right now that it would thin-out a lot of the 135lbs division and it would thin-out the 115lbs division,” Tate said. “I think they’re trying to really stack 115lbs and stack 135lbs and not take from either one to create a 125lbs.”

Tate isn't the only person talking about more divisions for female fighters. has already been very vocal on wanting to become a two-weight champion and thinks that a women's flyweight division would be the key to accomplishing that. also said he'd be interested in adding that division, if nothing else just to see Jedrzejczyk fight in it.

"I'd like to see [Jedrzejczyk] move up. I'd like to see a 125lbs division. I'd like to see her fight there to see if there are new challenges, something different for her," Pearson said. "Definetly at 115lbs there's no one touching her right now. There's no one in the same place as her right now, the way she approaches fighting, her frame of mind of fighting. She would fight anyone — man, dog, horse — anyone."

While the time might now be now, Tate thinks that it is something that is inevitable. So, maybe there is also hope for 's "medium heavyweight" division.

“There’s women coming out of the woodwork every single day,” Tate said. “In time, we will see more divisions in the UFC. I’m sure of it.”

Watch the entire UFC Melbourne Q&A you may have missed below.


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