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Arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time hasn't even returned to the Octagon yet, and still people are interested in him moving up from his light heavyweight division.

In an eye-opening and wide-spanning interview with , Jon Jones was asked about the subject and let's everyone know that it is something he has thought about.

"You realize what you're asking me to do ? These guys are very skills and they can weigh 60lbs more than me? That's very dangerous," Jones said when asked about people wanting him to fight at heavyweight. "I do want to challenge for the heavyweight title but I'm waiting for the perfect opponent. I've beaten up a lot of heavyweights, man. Only people who are I've submitted a lot of heavyweights, I've slammed a lot of heavyweights, I've manhandled a lot of heavyweights and I've done it right at the weight I am now. I just want to wait for the right stylistic match-up."

What's potentially more interesting that Jon "Bones" Jones trying to wreck fools and throw spinning elbows at the "big boys", is him bringing up an interest in a new division. The weight gulf between the 205lbs light heavyweight and the heavyweight division is a staggering 60lbs. Jones talks about a 225lbs class to construct a divisional bridge and that if the UFC ever created it, he'd hold double gold .

"I would like there to be at least another weight class for us big boys. I believe if there was a 225lbs weight class I'd be a two-belt holder myself," Jones said. "I'd compete against a 225'er any day. That'd be great to see something that bridges that gap a little bit between 205lbs and 265lbs."

Great, now us fans have to wait until July for Jones to fight a light heavyweight and fantasize about him fighting at heavyweight and... medium heavyweight.

Watch the entire episode below.


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