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Stephen Amell has spent the better part of five seasons showing off his buff bod and impressive ninja moves on . But, would those superheroic skills help him conquer the famed Mount Midoriyama?

According to, an admirer at a recent Heroes & Villains Fan Fest panel asked the actor about a rumor of him appearing on the popular reality series American Ninja Warrior. Seeing Amell jump around an obstacle course wouldn't be a huge surprise, as he's already ventured into sports entertainment with his plethora of appearances in the .

Amell's also a master of the salmon ladder, a brutal upper body workout that Green Arrow apparently loves to do in his spare time. The Arrow star joked to the fans at the Heroes & Villains event that, when it comes to the salmon ladder, he's "got that on lockdown."

However, as for American Ninja Warrior, Amell wouldn't commit to an appearance, although he did admit that he's been contacted about competing on the show.

"They've reached out to me to do American Ninja Warrior," Amell said. "We'll see. One of the things that I'm learning now as someone that has a big responsibility at the head of a television show and has some business interests and is a husband and a father, priorities not being in that order."

The actor added that he doesn't want to stretch himself too thin or do something without giving it his all, but, he did leave the door open to becoming a Ninja Warrior.

"If I get an impetus to do it, then I will do it," Amell said. "I'll just call them up like, 'I'm ready.'"

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