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She's one of the baddest female fighters on the planet, and now Cris "Cyborg" Justino's brother is fighting, and looking pretty damn good doing it. Cyborg traveled to Peru over the Thanksgiving break in order to corner her brother at the Jockey Plaza in Peru, and we got a cool video of his domination out of it.

The video, which she streamed live on her Facebook page, shows her brother Rafael "Jackal" Justino entering a cage to fight at International Peru Fighting with his famous sister right behind him.

These fights are common, especially in South America, where Vale Tudo style fighting was born. Many well known fighters got their start fighting this style including Wanderlei Silva and of course Cyborg herself.

Her brother, who was fighting a welterweight main event, showed hints of his sister's striking power when he TKO'd his opponent in the very first round.

Justino's opponent, David ParreƱo, went for a kick, but he was able to grab his leg, then kicked the other out from under him to land on top of the flailing fighter. He took the advantage by unleashing some nasty ground-and-pound that ended the fight (which I felt went on a tad too long).

The bout, which was likely unsanctioned, occurred in a rectangular shaped cage with onlookers lining the gym walls. Cyborg's boyfriend, Ray Elbe, wrapped Justino's hands prior to his bout.

According to Justino's Tapology page, this is his second win, bringing his record to 2-1-1.

His sister has gone undefeated for more than 10 years, including two recent wins in the UFC.


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