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Andreas Hale

Las Vegas - Vasyl Lomachenko successfully defended his WBO super featherweight title with masterful performance that forced previously unbeaten Nicholas Walters to quit on the stool after seven rounds at The Chelsea inside of the Cosmopolitan.

The fight was expected to be a battle between a boxing wizard and a savage puncher. However, Walters' power never made it to the big stage as the two-time Olympic gold medalist dominated every facet of the fight from the opening bell. A combination of dazzling footwork, scintillating speed and precision punching left Walters flustered and in awe of his opponent.

Lomachenko (7-1, 5 KOs) had little issue figuring out how to deal with the man nicknamed "The Axe Man" in Walters. Utilizing his movement and jab, Lomachenko kept Walters at bay for the first couple of rounds while scoring seemingly at will. As the fight progressed, it was evident that Walters had no answer for his opponent and was left out in the open and the victim of several blistering combinations. By round six, it was obvious that the rout was on and the only chance the Jamaican had was a big power shot. Unfortunately, Lomachenko was too sharp for Walters and had the offensive dynamo stuck in neutral.

In the seventh round, Lomachenko opened up and pounded on Walters with whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Walters (26-1) could do little more than cover up as the Ukrainian went on the offensive and launched power shots that snapped Walters' head back. When the bell rang to end the seventh, Walters had enough.

"He just told me he didn't want to fight anymore," referee Tony Weeks said.

A cascade of jeers filled up the arena but it was obvious that the end result wasn't going to be good for Walters. At the very least, he could have tried to fight to the final bell considering that he wasn't badly hurt. Nevertheless, it was the kind of performance that will have boxing pundits debating his placement on the pound for pound list. With plans to fight four times in 2017, the future is looking mighty bright for Vasyl Lomachenko.


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