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Justin Golightly

Michael Bisping has been a busy guy. He defended his middleweight strap against Dan Henderson, finally getting his revenge, then he covered the chaos of UFC 205 for FOX Sports. Now, he has a frightening beast gunning for his title, his son just did very well in a big BJJ tournament and worst of all, he can't even take a wizz in peace. At least he handled it like a champ, though. No one wants to piss off Bisping while he... you know.

So, some lucky fans caught Bisping with his pants down in the bathrooms at Madison Square Garden during UFC 205. In a moment that I think might be illegal, it seems like every dude in the bathroom took out their phones to record the champ taking a leak.

To a chorus of "olés," and chants of, "the champ is here," to simply: "Michael Bisping," it seemed like overall a really fun time. had a good laugh about it all as he walked through the cramped, bathroom packed like sardines with fans, all peeing like him, MMA royalty.

Watch the safe for work fan video below.


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