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Amy Kaplan

One of my most favorite UFC fighters is Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone. His fearlessness shows through in his fighting, and win or lose he always puts on a show. So when I thought back to one of my favorite moments from his career thus far I knew it wouldn't be easy to pick just one.

But there was one moment that really stuck with me and that was his fight with at . The pair went head to head for a fight fitting of world champs, and it all ended in confusion following a nasty head kick.

I was shooting the fight cage side, and often times I miss moments because I am thinking about focus, shutter speed, ISO and composition. So when turned and walked casually towards my side of the Octagon I was stunned. Just seconds before, Makdessi was seen signaling for a time out (something I had never seen before) and the fight was over.

It wasn't until well after the fight that we all learned that the head kick Cerrone landed on Makdessi's head actually broke his jaw.

Watch the moment here (and you can spot me too).

This moment is just one in a treasure chest of Cerrone highlights, but since I saw it first hand (and was the only photographers to capture the exact moment) this one holds a special place in my heart.

View a few of my photos from the fight here:

What is your favorite Cerrone moment? Leave it in the comments below.


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