ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

Being in a fight is already a wild, hectic experience, so it's almost impossible to wrap one's head around what is basically an MMA battle royale. On top of the general chaos that would come from 12 fists and 12 feet flying around an enclosed space, the fact that these fighters are getting takedowns, attempting submissions and looking out for their teammates while simultaneously fending off attackers is like an MMA energy drink times twelve — you don't know what's happening, you're just doing, letting your instincts take over while trying to stay sane...

The opening moments alone are mind-boggling. Imagine standing across from three dudes that are pounding their fists into their hands as they look to beat up you and your friends. It's shoulder to shoulder madness.

Now, to be clear:

  • This 3 vs. 3 fight from URCC in the Philippines seems to be open-weight.
  • It doesn't feature "good" fighters.
  • The action seems way more intense than a regular fight, seemingly so an opposing fighter can get eliminated quickly, to give an advantage to the other team.

This isn't quality MMA. It's the definition of a freak show, but that doesn't take away from it's inherent interesting qualities. Notice how one fighter has another in his guard until dude gets punched in the head by an opponent while being held against the cage?

There's so much going on it's worth multiple views.


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