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A quick trip to Twitter is all you need to find out what fans think about Conor McGregor's fight with Eddie Alvarez going down at in New York's Madison Square Garden.

However, armchair predictions are no match for the educational guesses of actual UFC fighters. In a new video by MMA Crazy, a selection of peers give their own insight as to who may come out with their arms raised that night at .

"Eddie Alvarez is going to win," Gegard Mousasi said. "He's going to win by strikes or submission in the third round."

Not everyone was so confident. Thirteen UFC fighters were asked to pick between and and it was dead even. Six fighters said that McGregor would make history and six fighters decided that Alvarez would keep the UFC lightweight title, undefeated UFC featherweight Mirsad Bektic couldn't decide.

Fresh off his knockout of Ovince Saint Preux at , Jimi Manuwa weighed in and ironically said that McGregor would win by using the same methods that Nate Diaz used to defeat the Irishman in their first encounter.

"I think Conor wins this one and becomes two-weight world champion. I think he's got too many skills in the tool box for [Alvarez]," Jimi Manuwa said. "I just I think Eddie's—he's not one dimensional—but I think he's limited. So, I think Conor's going to use his skills, his spinning stuff and all his ninja sh-t and he's going to get the win."

On the other end of the spectrum, UFC heavyweight Stefan Struve believes that McGregor's being hooked up to scientific exercise machines like Drago from "Rocky IV" is not enough for him to survive all five rounds with a beast like Alvarez.

"I got to go with Eddie [Alvarez]. My gut tells me that he's going to win the fight and usually I'm right. For me It's going to be important for him to get a hold of [McGregor] early and start grinding on him," Stefan Struve said. "Everybody saw that Conor really wore down after a round and a half. If you can already take that round and a half out of him by grinding on him to slow him down, then I think an athlete like Eddie's got a huge advantage and he's got the skill set to give Conor a really tough fight."

Will you go with Mystic Mousasi's prediction that Alvarez will get the finish? Or that Mystic Manuwa's prophecy of a "ninja sh-t" victory for McGregor?

Watch all of the fighter's predictions below and give us your own picks in the comments for .


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