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Fedor Emelianenko has begun training for his next fight, but the million dollar questions are, where and who?

A new interview with Fedor reveals that he may be returning fighting sooner rather than later. As past dictates though, training for a fight is never an issue for the Last Emperor, the beast always lies in the contract negotiations. According to Fedor, Eurasia Fight Nights has given him the best offer so far, but there are other interested parties.

However, Fedor insists that he is keeping the door open for the highest bidder.

"To date, the [EFN] has come up with the best offer, which we have considered and eventually accepted," Fedor said to (as translated by Google). "[Rizin] is possible. We are in talks with a number of promotions: both with Rizin, and with the UFC, and Fight Nights."

As many UFC employees have previously discussed, part of the hang-up with the UFC is the fact that Fedor wants to still be free to roam the Russian lands, fighting whoever he desires, not locked into an exclusive contract.

"I've read the pattern of their contract. On it you can not leave any left or right. According to them, before the interview with you, I'd have to call them to agree," Fedor said. "And if I refused, then they say 'I'm sorry, you have no right.' In general, the UFC contract presses from all sides. So now we are discussing the conditions."

So, with where this fight will take place up in the air, what about the opponent? Shane Carwin claims he agreed to fight Fedor two weeks ago with a sealed, glove. That'd be the fight to bank on.


Who do you think Fedor will fight next?


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