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Amy Kaplan

UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor has his own character in the immensely popular series. And now that the game has been finished, he's getting a sneak peak into the game by way of a virtual reality headset.

Watch as McGregor, who is hoping to make history next month by being the first UFC fighter to hold two world titles simultaneously, tries virtual reality.

The video shows "The Notorious" in what looks like a sound booth, playing the game while wearing the VR headset and earphones.

In typical Conor McGregor fashion, he seems pretty chuffed to be playing. He's seen wandering around the room saying, "F--king hell," and giggling.

McGregor is seen trying to slap things in the air and clumsily moving about the room with onlookers getting their own free show.

Currently, the game is in beta testing with an expected wide release to come November 4.

McGregor is set to appear at when he challenges lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez for his belt.


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