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I’ve been home for about a week now, and am in the midst of the most intense training camp, so I haven’t had a chance to catch up on all the news that’s been making the rounds in the community. I have caught a few stories, so I’ll approach them in no particular order, just as I remember them.

CM Punk

I never saw the fight, because I was in England, and I didn’t want to stay up until 5AM to watch it. I read the reports and I know how it went down. I’ve got to say, I respect CM Punk. I respect anyone that’s got the balls to step in there and fight, especially with everybody wanting him to lose. Every fighter in the sport wanted him to lose, they really did.

He was in a terrible position, under immense pressure, and unfortunately for him, my fears about how the fight would likely go were correct. That’s an incredibly hard place to start your MMA career; in the UFC, on the main card of a PPV…that’s a tough ask for anybody.

Mickey Gall was the better fighter, and now it’s back to the drawing board for CM Punk. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that we might never get to see him back in the Octagon.

On the flip side, Mickey Gall could be a contender in a couple years. He can work on his skillset and fine tune a few things. Well done to Mickey, and well done to CM Punk, too. He handles himself with class after the fight, and he actually had the balls to go out there and pursue his dream.

Chris Weidman’s Comments

I think Chris is really embarrassed that I knocked out the guy that dominated him and beat the living crap out of him. He should be embarrassed that as a guy who calls himself a black belt in jiu-jitsu and some kind of crazy skilled wrestler, he was mounted by Rockhold, and had something like a hundred strikes landed on him. The referee should’ve called that fight after the third round.

Where were his mount escapes? He should be embarrassed more for the fact that he got his ass absolutely kicked, but I went out there and knocked Luke out in the first round.

Why should he be embarrassed that I’m the champ? I mean, really, it’s about time that Chris Weidman just shuts the f**k up. He’s acting like a little bitch, and we all know it. Everybody is sick of him and all that whining. He’s always feeling sorry for himself and making excuses.

Quit being a little bitch, Chris. Get back in the cage, win a fight and then maybe we can talk.

Rashad Evans vs. Tim Kennedy

I hope Rashad comes down and has a great reinvigoration of his career. I like Rashad a lot. He’s a class act, and has been one of the great parts of the UFC roster for such a long time. I absolutely hope he finds success at middleweight.

That’s a difficult match-up because Tim Kennedy, as boring as he is, is a very strong middleweight and he has incredible wrestling. His technical striking isn’t great, but he does have good power, so we’ll have to see. Rashad will probably be the faster guy, the better boxer and should be able to stop his takedowns.

Rashad can definitely win this, but it certainly won’t be a walk in the park.

Luke Rockhold vs. Jacare II

I thought Rockhold was going the Derek Zoolander route, but I guess that might not be working out for him as well as he thought it would. Maybe the winner can get a school for people who can’t read good and who want to learn to do other stuff good, too.

Seriously, though, I think Jacare beats him. I don’t think Rockhold will ever be the same again. I think I exposed him, to be honest. I think I exposed his chin, for sure. If Jacare stands in the pocket with him, he can definitely catch him. Vitor did it, I did it and Jacare can do it, too.

Rockhold is good, don’t get me wrong. He’s got great kicks and very, very good jiu-jitsu, but he doesn’t have very good hands. If you get past the kicks and get him close, you can catch him.

The good thing for me is that one of them gets beat. I couldn’t care less which one it is. I’ll fight the winner of that one or the winner of Yoel Romero vs. Chris Weidman. Makes no difference to me.

Hell, I’ll fight Georges St-Pierre. I’ll fight Conor McGregor. I’ll fight whoever they want. Line them up and I’ll take them out, one by bloody one.


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