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Dan Henderson

The fight is just three weeks out now, and I have been putting in long days of training to hopefully repeat what I did seven years ago. I've read that Bisping is off doing movies and traveling around. Hopefully he will be ready to go come October 8.

I read the random news story here and there, and I have to admit, I get a kick out of seeing him get worked up over what fans think of him, what they think of this match-up, how he’ll look when he face-plants and I take the belt…that sort of thing.

There’s a lot to be positive about with this card. The bouts on it look great, and despite the fact that it’s taking place pretty late, and our fight won’t happen until the wee hours of the morning, it’s the kind of show that people are obviously excited about, or it wouldn’t have sold out so quickly. Hopefully the co-main event; Gegard Mousasi vs. Vitor Belfort, turns out to be a great fight, as well. It definitely has the potential to be exciting.

Part of getting in shape is obviously getting my weight in order. I’m not a big middleweight, and I’ve never had serious issues with my weight cuts, but I still have to put some effort into them, just like anyone else. I do try to keep myself in good shape, and I don’t balloon up too much between fights.

I eat on the healthy side of normal compared to most people, pretty much all the time, but I definitely like my occasional junk food and bar food. That changes during training camp, and those things don’t see their way onto any of my plates. I’ll tell you what I am missing, hot wings and beer.

I know some guys will have a drink or a beer here and there when they train, but I cut out all alcohol when I’m getting ready for a fight. I feel like it keeps me a little more focused, but after the fight, I plan on throwing back a few ice cold ones.

I know what you’re wondering right now. What kind of beer are you going to have, Dan? Well, that depends on what kind of mood I’m in. If I want a beer with a little substance to it, I’ll have a Blue Moon or a Shock Top, but if I’m looking to have something lighter, I’ll just have a Bud Light.

Right now, I don’t know what I’ll be drinking after the fight, I just know it will have hops in it.


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