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Josh Molina

One is arguably the greatest fighter of all time. The other is the biggest draw in combat sports today.

Still, the promotion gods have not been able to book what could be the biggest combat sports fight of all time.

Not yet, anyway. The undefeated, retired, multi-division champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. recently told Fight Hype that he is no longer pursuing a mega-fight with UFC champion Conor McGregor.

"I tried to make the fight happen between me and Conor McGregor. We wasn't able to make the fight happen so we must move on," Mayweather Jr. said.

Mayweather Jr. said there are plenty of other boxers now who want to fight McGregor, but once again he was "the first."

McGregor is back on top in the UFC after winning a close decision over Nate Diaz. Mayweather Jr. is retired, but he may return again for a big payday. It is unclear whether a potential dream match between the two would take place under boxing or mma rules.

In an MMA match, McGregor would be the clear favorite. In a boxing match, well, no one has ever defeated Mayweather Jr.

McGregor has enough opponents lined up right now. He is rumored to possibly fight Eddie Alvarez later this year.


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