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Josh Molina

Michael "The Menace" Johnson pummeled Dustin Poirier with a slick right hook-left hand combination, shocking the Hidalgo, Texas crowd at UFC Fight Night.

Poirier slunk to the mat after the combination and seemed to attempt to get up before Johnson jumped on him and finished him with punches on the ground.

Poirier was the favorite going into the fight, but was flustered by Johnson's speed. Poirier missed an uppercut just before Johnson countered and put him on his back.

The two felt each other out for the first minute before Johnson let loose with his punches.

Johnson, who lost his previous fight to Nate Diaz, called out everyone in the division, including Diaz and McGregor.

"I am serious in this division," said Johnson in the post-fight interview. "I come to finish fights. I come to kill."

Johnson said that, unlike his performance, Diaz and McGregor put on a sparring match.

"I have the fastest hands in this division," Johnson said. "I am the most dangerous guy in this division. Give me my next victim. Anyone in this division. I am coming for that title."


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