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In case you missed the huge news, the "American Gangster" aka Chael Sonnen, is set to make his MMA return, but it won't be with the UFC.

Bellator announced on Friday that it has signed the "Gangster from West Lynn," making Sonnen the latest high-profile, former Octagon star to be snatched up by the promotion.

Although the UFC will never be the same without the master of wrestling and trash-talking, we can always look back to some of the brighter times with his ex-employers, like his hilarious turn representing the company in Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro's 2013 boxing flick, Grudge Match.

In this Flashback Friday clip, Sonnen defends the honor of MMA when the pair of movie legends (who play aging boxers returning to the ring) insult the sport. In typical Sonnen fashion, the fighter has some harsh words for the duo, which was probably a bad idea considering the Rocky and Raging Bull stars can pack quite the punch.

After throwing a Stockton slap at Stallone, the former middleweight title challenger gets KO'd by a clean cross from the Hollywood icon as Kevin Hart looks on from afar. Unless life ends up imitating art, Sonnen won't suffer a similar fate when he makes his Bellator debut.

Check out the hilarious throwback clip below.

How do you think Chael Sonnen will fair in his Bellator debut? Let us know in the comments below.


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