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Josh Molina

Maybe this is just the new normal.

WWE wrestlers are insulting UFC fighters, and the fighters are insulting them right back.

Ever since Conor McGregor decided to throw shade at the WWE roster, calling them p*****s, the WWE has been on attack.

Now, it's Randy Orton, who has thrown a few barbs at McGregor. Clearly, both genres benefit from a fabricated war. Still, the fans eat it up.

Here are the details and Orton's recent comments. In response to a fan asking if he would ever want to fight in the UFC, Orton said this:

And then this:

Nothing like a good intentional botch of someone's name to disrespect them.

Orton would probably do well in the UFC, considering that he has some experience. Brock Lesnar recently TKO'd him with a series of legit elbows that busted his head open on a recent PPV card.

As tough as "Connor McDonald" might be, he probably doesn't have Lesnar's power. Still, are we building to a Wrestlemania moment?


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