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Justin Golightly

A living legend and veritable Russian diety of MMA, Fedor Emelianenko may have one more fight in him before the end of this year.

After being the reigning emperor in Japan, Fedor will probably always be a draw there. With that in mind, it's no surprise that Rizin may be offering Fedor that Conor McGregor money. Rizin reportedly offered Fedor $2 million to fight at the annual end-of-the-year event. Anytime Fedor fights, it will always be "red panty night", or, in his case, I guess cashmere sweater night.

Fedor just recently won a controversial split decision at over Fabio Maldonado at EFN 50, an organization ran by officials that Fedor hired.

A fight with either Wanderlei Silva or Cro Cop for a New Years Eve show would do crazy numbers. Or, perhaps the long game of the 16-Man Openweight Grand Prix is to decide who will fight Fedor? Either way, Fedor would rake in that Yen.

His last fight with Rizin, against Jaideep Singh, didn't last very long.


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