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The current UFC Flyweight champion has done just about all there is to do at his weight.

Demetrious Johnson has gone down the rankings, smashing everyone, even beating some of the top guys twice. After dusting a golden gloves boxer and gold medalist wrestler in Henry Cejudo in a single round, options are running out. The UFC gathered champions from the four corners of the world to fight for a chance at Johnson's title.

If Johnson is successful, his days at Flyweight might be numbered. Johnson has always expressed that he wants to beat Anderson Silva's record of title defenses, but after that, there is truly nothing left.

So, what would it take for Johnson to move up in weight for a superfight rematch with Dominick Cruz?

"I think $2 million is fair. I think it's $2 million," Johnson said in an interview with Submission Radio.

Completely content to fight every 125lb fighter in the UFC, Johnson is starting to look at the surrounding landscape of the UFC and think a little differently. "Everybody is like, 'I don't want to fight the Number 1 contender, I want to fight the guy who everybody likes to watch fight, so that I get that big pay check'," Johnson said. "Trust me, I'm about to jump in that boat too."

He goes on to talk about how if he had equivalent experience and success in the NFL, it'd be guaranteed he could "f-king retire". Unfortunately, things don't work like that right now in MMA. It's no wonder everyone is morphing with a new era and looking for money fights.

"Obviously, we got the Ultimate Fighter fight first, and if everything goes well in that fight, then hopefully we [Cruz] fight again," Johnson said. "When I break [Silva's] record, you know, we go talk and I'm like, 'Yo, you guys want a super fight?... If you guys want this fight to happen, this is my price. If you don't, I'll keep whooping ass at 125."

Listen to the entire interview below.


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