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The "biggest" free agent on the market right now just booked his first fight, but it's not what you expect.

Shane Carwin announced his return last week, and suddenly, there were a lot of options open for dudes to be punched by XXL MMA gloves. This is no normal fight though, Carwin will fight radio host and all-around wild man, Jason Ellis. Ellis has been in his fair share of scraps—he's 4-1 as an amateur and won his only pro fight, but he's outweighed and over-matched by the hulking heavyweight.

That's why Carwin will have one arm tied behind his back.

Honestly, Carwin having one of his massive arms tied behind his back might not make much of a difference.

This will all go down at EllisMania 13 on Saturday, October 15, 2016. If you're not familiar with this extravaganza of debauchery, Ellis gets all his friends and a gang of pro fighters to do insane stuff. As you can tell by the numeric value, this isn't the first time he's caught the hands of other MMA fighters.

Some of the other things taking place at EllisManis 13:

  • Multi-men blindfolded dog collar fight
  • Brendan Schaub will do stand-up comedy
  • Ellis Jumping out of a vehicle onto a skateboard

Watch Urijah Faber light up Jason Ellis below in an event called the "10 Man Fight", where Ellis fights a new guy every round.


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