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Amy Kaplan

Stipe Miocic just defended his heavyweight title, and he's already facing rumors about who he should face next, and it's someone you might not have thought of.

After Miocic's stunning KO of Alistair Overeem at UFC 203, the interim light-heavyweight champ (who is also temporarily suspended) looks to have challenged Miocic.

So, does Jones want to make the move to heavyweight when/if he comes back?

Miocic doesn't seem opposed to the idea either.

"I'll fight whoever. He's a great guy, we've talked before, very nice guy to me," Miocic said to TMZ.

Jones is currently on temporary suspension following a failed PED test prior to UFC 200, so no fights are feasible at the moment. However, a match-up between the two champs would definitely be a big draw (and huge money).

Jones currently hold a 22-1 professional MMA record, and the interim UFC light heavyweight title.

Miocic has a 16-2 professional record and is the current UFC heavyweight champion.


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