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Justin Golightly

If you've kept up with Joe Rogan over the years, you know about his striking power.

The Taekwondo black belt has always demonstrated some crazy skills, but he just seems to be getting more ripped and dangerous over the years. Rogan has taught Georges St-Pierre the spinning side kick, T.J. Dillashaw some grappling and even sparred with John Wayne Parr.

Just yesterday, Rogan had Duane "Bang" Ludwig on the Joe Rogan Experience, and afterward, they worked on a combination from MMA legend (as well as podcast guest), Bas Rutten.

Too bad we would never see Rogan in the Octagon, as he squashed that dream long ago with one tweet. Maybe, with the absence of USADA, there can still be hope in Bellator. Either way, at least he keeps releasing footage of himself making us all feel inadequate.

Check out these highlights of Joe smashing pads and watch the whole podcast from yesterday here.


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