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Daniel Cormier

Being from Louisiana, the best time of the year is football season. In the South, football is everything. It’s not wrestling or basketball, even though those sports are crazy popular. Football is king in the south and we live like that, even as adults. When football season starts, everything else is on hold. Our lives are consumed with football. When I had the opportunity to play after high school, the pressure of football is one of the reasons why I decided that I’d rather wrestle.

Down in the South, everyone loves football and all people wanted was for the South to win. But I preferred wrestling because I was in sole control of the outcome, which is awesome. The pressure of wanting to win but not necessarily having the team to do it was tough. As a kid, I became one of the better football players in the area and definitely one of the best guys on my team. But the pressure lands on your shoulders when the reality hits that it is not all up to you. It’s out of your control. I wasn’t a quarterback or running back. I played linebacker and tight end and there was a lot of pressure to motivate 15-20 other guys to be at your level and that was kind of tough. If I went on to play college football, I may have become one of the better guys. But guys like Ray Lewis have taxing job because they gotta be the “hoorah” guy that motivates a locker room and I didn’t necessarily want to do that.

I enjoyed football. I always have. But there’s a lot of pressure being down South.

Look at what is happening to Les Miles. It’s crazy that a guy that has been that successful for so long is about to be ran out of the program. To me, it is absolutely nuts. I watched the Colin Cowherd show the other day and he asked a question that if LSU fires Les Miles along with the University of Oklahoma firing Bob Stoops, who got a crazy amount of pressure after losing to Houston, who is next? If they were going to get fired, they easily become the #1 and #2 top coaches available for every program in the country. There are no better coaches out there.

The beauty of football season is that you get to have these types of debates.

So here are my bold predictions for this year:

The New Orleans Saints will go back and once again win the Super Bowl.

Congratulations to the great Drew Brees for the contract extension. That was perfect move by the Saints organization and here is why:

Jared Goff and Carson Wentz were the two best quarterbacks in the draft this year. Jared Goff and Carson Wentz! We’re not talking Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Cam Newton or Jameis Winston. This isn’t a knock on these guys because we don’t know what they will become but how long do you have to wait to see if they pan out? It’s gotten to the point where quarterbacks who put up big numbers for smaller schools are taken over quarterbacks from Florida and Florida State because these guys are playing in these systems that boost their numbers. Remember the kid Colt Brennan that threw for like a million yards in a four-year college career and couldn’t complete a pass in the NFL? That’s crazy but that’s the quarterback situation. It’s the right decision for the Saints to extend Drew Brees’ contract because what else were we going to do?

My other bold prediction is that the Oklahoma State Cowboys make the playoffs. I’m a homer, man! I mean, who is going to beat us in the conference? Oklahoma? Come on. This past weekend was just a bad call that cost us the game. If we win out, we should be fine. Go ahead and put us in the NCAA college football playoffs right now!


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