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Josh Molina

Conor McGregor isn't talking trash about at least one professional wrestler.

After UFC 203, CM Punk has officially earned his respect.

TMZ caught up with McGregor last night, after Punk's first round submission defeat to Mickey Gall.

"Fair play to him because he got in there and fought and not a lot of people do," McGregor said. "Not a lot of people have the balls to make that walk."

McGregor reiterated his stance on WWE wrestlers, but said CM Punk in particular has earned his respect.

"Those WWE guys are straight p--sies, I told you so, but he isn't," McGregor said. "He got in there and fought. Respect. "

CM Punk took a beating against Gall, but seemed to earn the respect of many for trying to fight in the UFC. He has so far maintained that his MMA career is not over, and that he will be back eventually.


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