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Josh Molina

Stipe Miocic is not going to be a one and done champion.

The Ohio resident made a successful title defense Saturday night at UFC 203, knocking out Alistair Overeem with 30 seconds left in Round 1.

Miocic survived a knockdown and submission attempt early in the fight.

Overeem failed to sink in the choke and Miocic slipped out. From there, Miocic started landing right hands and slowly hurting him.

Alistair made a huge mistake by attempting to kick Miocic in the knee, but he caught the leg, Overeem fell to the ground and Stipe leaped on top of him, before a vicious ground and pound took "The Reem" out.

Miocic dominated most of the fight, with Overeem trying to strike from the outside, but failing to stay out of Stipe's range. Alistair, at several points in the fight, ran from the champion, trying to avoid his power.

For Miocic, it was a glorious night, successfully defending his title in his home state.

"I am going to keep this belt for a long time," he told the supportive crowd.

Overeem suggested that he should have won the fight, implying that the referee missed a Miocic submission.

"In my opinion he tapped," Overeem said. "He clearly tapped."

Replays did not show Miocic tapping out.


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