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Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne had one of the wildest match-ups of the night at UFC 203.

Things got heated during the co-main event in Cleveland, thanks to some crazy techniques inside the Octagon, followed by a near brawl between corners after the fight. This rematch definitely did not fail to entertain en route to a second unanimous decision win for Werdum.

The bout began in one of the most unexpected ways possible, as Werdum flew through the air like Bruce Lee with a jumping side kick that landed square on Browne's face to start round one.

Things only got stranger from there.

Although Werdum had no trouble landing traditional punching and kicking combinations, he kept sprinkling in creative and over-the-top techniques, nearly landing a rolling thunder-style, front roll kick in the first frame. Browne tried to answer with combos of his own, but the former champ was clearly the better striker.

Eventually, their back-and-forth skirmishes led to another weird situation, with Browne seemingly dislocating his finger midway through the first round. "Hapa" tried to call a time out, which he was later granted, but not before eating a hard punch from "Vai Cavalo."

"There's no time out in fighting," UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Marc Ratner told Joe Rogan during the fight. "That's part of the game."

Browne, however, was allowed to continue fighting despite the injury, and ended up in hot water to end the round. Wedrum landed a huge right hand punch that floored Browne, allowing the Brazilian to pounce with ground and pound strikes which opened up the American's back. Somehow, Browne survived a rear-naked choke attempt and more strikes from the back as the bell rang.

Werdum was back to his tricky ways in round two, throwing everything from spinning elbows and hook kicks, to another front roll kick attempt. While he wasn't necessarily dominating, the ex-title holder racked up points with several body and leg kicks, as well as some nice punching combos.

Browne was clearly hesitant going into the last round, as there wasn't much action in the frame. Werdum pretty much cruised his way through, peppering his opponent with punches and kicks to close out the round.

After the fight is when things got interesting again.

Browne's coach, Edmond Tarverdyan apparently got in Werdum's face and shouted at him following the fight, which prompted a shoving match between sides. Both corners were ejected from the Octagon by officials.

The official decision was 29-28, 29-27, 30-27 in favor of Werdum, who picked up his first victory since losing the title to Stipe Miocic, and now improves to 21-6-1. Browne drops to 18-5-1 and has now lost two straight.

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