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Well, this sounds absolutely terrifying.

Urijah Faber and Fabricio Werdum's teams (along with half of the UFC 203 card) found themselves trapped when the cord holding the elevator they were on snapped, dropping them into the basement. Luckily, they were only one floor up or this could have been a tragedy.

Here's a video Faber made just moments after it happened, showing the group trying to pry the doors open to get out.

Judging by Faber's "poop" emoji, everyone was shaken up, but they all seemed to be in good spirits after getting to experience their own personal Tower of Terror ride.

"Maybe I eat too much after weight cut," said Werdum, as everyone began to do math on their weight to see if they exceeded the elevator's capacity.

This is how cage fighters deal with potentially life-threatening situations, ladies and gentlemen.

After it was all said and done, Faber posted a picture of all of the survivors on his Instagram.

Trapped inside the elevator was a who's who of the MMA world:

  • Ray Sefo
  • Urijah Faber
  • Brad Tavares
  • CB Dolloway
  • Justin Buchholz
  • Rafael Cordeiro
  • Yancy Medeiros
  • Fabricio Wedrum
  • Fabio Pateta Prado

I wouldn't be surprised if elevators became a thing superstitious MMA fighters stay away from now on.


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