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Ryan Matsunaga

Whether or not CM Punk can fight is still up for debate, but at least we know he's already got a handle on the mental warfare.

At the UFC 203 weigh-ins today, CM Punk "punked" Mickey Gall by leaving him hanging when a handshake was offered. To his credit, Gall didn't seem intimidated at all, and gave Punk a few choice words before leaving the stage.

Check out the face off below:

CM Punk will be making his MMA debut tomorrow at UFC 203. His opponent, Mickey Gall, is 2-0 as a professional, including a UFC win against Mike Jackson in February. Given that Gall's opponents so far have a combined record of 0-2 though, it could be argued that both CM Punk and Gall are relatively untested.

It should make for an interesting display of talent from two highly anticipated MMA prospects.


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