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Former UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos has fought the sport's biggest, toughest and baddest men, but one stands out at the top: UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

When asked by who the hardest puncher in the division is, dos Santos said:

"That's hard to say, but for me, it was Stipe Miocic. That guy hits hard. Man, he got heavy hands, heavy hands, for sure."

Stipe Miocic's punches were even harder than Mark Hunt's, who is considered a big hitter by most.

"Mark Hunt, they used to say that he hits hard, but he didn't connect with any hard punch with me," the former champion said.

That was not the case with Miocic.

"With Stipe Miocic, man, I was suffering," said dos Santos. "In the second round he threw like a jab and cross and that was right in my face. That was hard. I was almost out for a little bit."

Dos Santos won the bout by unanimous decision.

Junior believes Miocic is "a good boxer" and "wrestler guy."

"He's an athlete like Georges St-Pierre, that's why Georges St-Pierre was so successful," dos Santos said. "He takes that very seriously, and I see those things with Stipe Miocic."

Watch the video to see Junior's hilarious reaction to being asked who the best boxer in the division is.


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