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The UFC travelled to Cleveland, Ohio for the first time to allow the heavyweight champ, Stipe Miocic, the chance to defend his title in his hometown.

And the fans there simply love him... one a little more than the others.

Pete Friesen, also known as "The Cleveland Hooligan," attended both the open workouts and the pre-fight presser to support his champ by heckling Stipe's opponent, Alistair Overeem, in the most amazing way. was able to snag Friesen and ask exactly what he loves so much about Miocic, and why he will go to such lengths to support him.

"He's the hometown hero for us," he said. "He broke the curse when he beat Werdum. Werdum says it was one punch, I say that's a lifetime of hard work."

He goes on to say that since Miocic's stunning first round knockout of Fabricio Werdum at UFC 199, the city of Cleveland's losing streak ended, and the good luck continued when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship.

That is why Friesen heckled Miocic's opponent.

"If a guy comes into our town and says he's gonna knock our boy out, he's gonna fight the whole city," he said.

Friesen even created songs to chant during Overeem's workout, and was vocal enough to get the attention he was hoping for.

He jokes that despite the friendly hug that Overeem gave him, his team wasn't as nice.

"One of his teammates said he wanted to make me his girlfriend," Friesen joked.

Watch Miocic square off against Overeem this weekend at UFC 203.


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