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UFC 203 is almost here, and that means we will soon find out at least three things: Can CM Punk fight? Will Stipe Miocic be another heavyweight transitional champion? Does Urijah Faber still have it? and sat down with MMA Junkie's John Morgan to get a preview of Sunday's show. Here's what reporter Morgan said about CM Punk.

"I think he's become someone you almost want to cheer for. He's the underdog guy. He's a guy who is just putting in his grind, doing the best he can to make it on the UFC stage."

Still, Morgan believes Mickey Gall has the advantage, since he has so much more experience in training for MMA.

"I've got all the respect in the world for CM Punk and I will be honest with you, part of me wants to see him just go in there and blow everyone out of the water so he can shut up all the haters."

He doesn't see Punk winning, though.

"I think it's going to be a rough night for him," Morgan said.

John also said this of the fight between Faber and the man who happens to be undefeated in the UFC right now,

"I think it's a close fight, but I am leaning a little bit toward Jimmy Rivera right now," Morgan said.


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