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Matt Juul

As if the Internet needed more reasons to love this nunchucka-wielding tyke, Ryuji Imai, aka the mini-Bruce Lee, is back with another amazing martial arts video.

After taking the web by storm with his spot on Game of Death imitation last year, the karate kid has returned for a ridiculously impressive display of his hand-to-hand combat skills. Like the master himself, this 6-year-old is pinpoint accurate with each punch and spinning kick, which means he'll have no problem taking out schoolyard bullies in kindergarten. You've been warned, children.

Imai's latest clip already has almost 3.7 million views on Facebook.

As if his fighting prowess wasn't enough to put you to shame, Imai also shows off his two-finger push-up skills, another famed staple of Lee's training repertoire. No wonder this kid is so jacked.

His flexibility is also super on point. Maybe Imai's got a little Jean-Claude Van Damme in him too.

If a 6-year-old can do this, there's really no excuse for adult martial artists to not be technical (we're looking at you CM Punk).

How do you think 6-year-old Ryuji Imai's martial arts abilities compare to the late Bruce Lee's skillset? Let us know in the comments below.


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