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According to Alistair Overeem, it's going to be a short night for UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

Overeem, who will attempt to take the title from hometown favorite Miocic on Saturday's UFC 203 in Cleveland, predicts a second or third round knockout over the champ.

"Well, you know, I predict a second or third round knockout," Overeem told a group of reporters in a pre-fight scrum, which Champions covered. "It depends on him a little bit too because it takes two to tango. Judging his nature, is not going to take that long, but you never know, there's that X factor involved, right? He can go away, he can evade, he can become a different Stipe all of the sudden, but otherwise, I dont see it past two or three rounds."

The 36-year-old Dutch fighter, who's been fighting since 1999, says this fight with Miocic has a different feel than his previous bouts.

"It definitely feels special," Overeem said. "There's definitely that extra tingling of nerves, you know. Sometimes you don't have nerves, sometimes you have a little bit of nerves, this is a little bit of nerves, but again we've been there. This is going to be my 87 fight, we've been there, we've done that. I use that tension, those nerves to my advantage, and we'll come out on top on Saturday. "

Although, Overeem might be feeling a little nerves, the JacksonWink fighter is ready for whatever the champion has to bring, and expect Miocic to come fight with his full arsenal.

"I expect him to definitely come with his full arsenal," Overem said. "I mean he has his striking, he has his wrestling base, he's a very dominant fighter, he's got power, but everyone at heavyweight has power though. So, we have to be ready for his strikes, for his counter strikes, we got to be ready for his wrestling."

Fighting in Cleveland comes with a disadvantage, as that is Miocic's hometown and will likely have the crowd on his side. However, "The Demolition Man" could care less who the crowd supports on Saturday night, as his goal in this fight is simple – take the heavyweight belt.

"I get energy from everybody, and when you're at the top you're going to get a lot of hate and a lot of love," Overeem explained over the chants of Miocic's fans. "I embrace both of them. It's part of the journey.

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm entitled to my opinion. We're here for one goal, one goal only, we're going to cement my legacy, we're going to get that championship belt, it will be history, and the after party for some people is not going to be that nice."


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