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Ian McCall hasn't had much luck with opponents as of late.

McCall was set to face Ray Borg at UFC 203 this Saturday, but Borg was forced to pull out from the bout due to an illness. Due to insufficient time to find a replacement opponent, McCall has since been removed from the card. This is the second bout in a row he has had cancelled.

McCall spoke with exclusively just hours after hearing the news and walked us through hearing he wouldn't be fighting yet again.

"I got a knock on my door at about 1 a.m. last night from my agent and my jiu-jitsu coach," he said. "They start explaining to me that the fight is off."

McCall was then informed that his opponent was in the hospital with food poisoning.

"I just kinda zoned out, I was just staring at him," McCall said. "I was like 'I'm gonna hit you if you're f---king with me right now.'"

After realizing they were not, the group sat and talked for a while, then went out for food.

"I had three slices of pizza, and an apple fritter, and a donut and some candy," he said. "And some Strawberry lemonade. And I hated myself."

This is the second incident in six weeks as McCall also had an issue with his previous fight at UFC 201 when Justin Scoggins was removed from the bout due to weight issues. Unfortunately due to the last minute nature, no replacement opponent could be found.

Last time this happened McCall was granted his show, win, and Reebok pay (which is rare in these cases). He says he will still be paid for the UFC 203 bout, but isn't sure how much.

McCall already has his next opponent in mind. He says he wants to fight Neil Seery in Belfast in mid November.

"I know Neil will show up," he added.

In the meantime McCall said he will be enjoying the city and doing some sightseeing.


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