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Justin Golightly

In a few, short days, Alistair Overeem could possibly become the most decorated MMA fighter of all time.

His record is already intimidating. With 17 years of fighting experience and 70 total fights between MMA and kickboxing, Overeem has an unbelievable amount of experience.

With that experience came championships—damn near every one of them. Overeem is a former ADCC champion in submission grappling, the Strikeforce Heavyweight champion, Interim Dream Heavyweight champion and a K-1 Grand Prix champion. He has been the only fighter ever to hold three belts simultaneously.

After a couple of losses, Overeem put together a four fight win streak and will fight Stipe Miocic at UFC 203 this weekend. After all these years and accolades, the UFC title has always managed to slip from his grasp, but he'll have a chance to remedy that against Miocic on Saturday in Cleveland, Ohio.

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