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Shane Carwin was once one of the most feared UFC heavyweights, and easily among the hardest punchers on the planet.

He knocked out five of his UFC opponents (including Frank Mir) in the first round, until taking two, back-to-back losses to Brock Lesnar and Junior dos Santos. Even though those losses are nothing to shrug at, after being plagued by a string of injuries, Carwin decided to hang up his gloves.

For awhile now though, Carwin has teased a return on various places on the world wide web.

It looks like the time for that announcement is now. Carwin posted in The UG tonight and confirmed on Twitter that he will be returning, just not in the UFC.

As many of you know I recently decided to come out of retirement. I asked my management team at Ingrained Media to help chart a course. This lead to reviews of my contract and conversations with Joe Silva and UFC’s legal team. We decided mutually that my value and what I bring to the Heavyweight Division will be better utilized elsewhere. I am now a free agent. I look forward to freely speaking with the other MMA promotions. The Heavyweight division has a lot of great fights and not all of them are in the UFC. I am excited about what the future holds. I want to prove to myself and my fans that I belong at the top of the division. Today that journey begins.

Stay tuned here for more news on Carwin's return and a potential list of opponents he could pursue in his new free agency.


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