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Justin Golightly

Fighters have their work-outs and meals down to a science.

There's pre-workout drinks, post-workout whey shakes, super food acai snacks and gallons of kale mush. The list of things to keep up with is down-right exhaustive. Some of these guys even have computer programs to keep track of everything. But what if most fighters are doing it all wrong?

If food really is energy, then how much energy can you get from vegetable powder in lukewarm water?

It seems like UFC Heavyweight, Derrick Lewis has a different plan altogether that makes a lot more sense. After a grueling training session working on his Jiu-Jitsu, Lewis strolls right over to the microwave, takes out a prepared plate of baby back ribs and digs in. Now, that is sure to hit the spot, and should take off in gyms everywhere.

Will this be the new trend? Hey, it's worth a try. Move over, ambiguous green bog drink; Hello, Chili's sponsorship.

Where's the beef? It's in this "Black Beast" video right here.


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