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Before the UFC contract was signed, beforehis appearance on the Ultimate Fighter series, Neil Magny served with the Illinois Army National Guard at the 708th Medical Company in North Riverside, Illinois.

Magny started training MMA when he was 17 at Miguel Torres’ gym, and joined the Army after he graduated high school. In the Army, he continued his training under the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP).

“Sergeant Magny is an extremely talented fighter, arguably the best we have in the Illinois National Guard,” said Staff Sgt. Nick Grant, Magny's MACP trainer. “His natural talent is obvious, but his intense focus sets him apart and it shows as he continues to improve in each and every fight.”

Obviously, Magny's superiors saw something in him. Little did they know that he'd go on to become a UFC fighter with a 15-4 record. During, Magny’s six-year Guard contract, he was All Army Combatives Champion and the All Guard Combatives Champion.

Check out Magny competing in the Army Combatives Championship below and watch a UFC feature on Magny's military experience.


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