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Ian McCall believes Mickey Gall has more to prove than Phil Brooks (better known as CM Punk), as Gall will have to prove the legitimacy of MMA in their upcoming bout at UFC 203.

The 32-year-old flyweight, who also fights at this Saturday's UFC 203 in Cleveland against Ray Borg, believes CM Punk is good for MMA, and found the former WWE wrestler a nice guy after making fun of him on Twitter.

"It's good for the sport," McCall told Champions. "Phil is a nice guy. I met him and I started off just kind of messing with him and making fun of him because I make fun everybody, equally, because you're all fair game on Twitter, but he played back. So if you want to talk shit, it's one thing, but if you want to make fun of me because I'm stupid or ugly or cause I'm not that funny or whatever, but if you can make it a funny thing, then awesome. We can go back-and-forth, but if you're just being a dick, then whatever."

Although McCall finds CM Punk to be good for the sport, he believes Punk will likely be losing his MMA debut against Gall.

"He's [CM Punk] a cool dude, and at least he's trying," McCall said. "I don't think he's going to win. Mickey Gall is a tough, young guy that's got a lot to prove, and I think he has more to prove than CM Punk, because he has to prove his legitimacy and the legitimacy of the sport, because he's fighting a guy that has spent all his life in his underwear playing touch butt in the park on T.V. with his buddies.

"And that's nothing against pro-wrestlers. I'm dating a pro-wrestler, so whatever, I'm just saying that's what it is. You're acting, jumping around... It's not real as far as fighting. It's real as far as they're all psychopaths and want to jump off cages and land on each other, but man, I just don't see it working that well for him. And if it does, good on him. Duke Roufus is a wizard."

UFC 203 takes this Saturday at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. The welterweight bout between CM Punk and Gall will be part of the main card that is set to be headlined by heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic and top contender Alistair Overeem.


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