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Josh Molina

The UFC is about to get a dose of CM Punk this Saturday at UFC 203, when the former professional wrestler makes his long-awaited UFC debut.

Many have dismissed Punk as a stunt signing, an inexperienced martial artist who won't last long against opponent Mickey Gall. But Punk is undeterred. He is committed to proving the doubters wrong.

It's fairly clear that no one has debuted in the UFC with as much attention as Punk. He has received his own documentary, plenty of air-time, and tons of media opportunities.

Now, we see him, for the first time in his Reebok Fight Kit.

"It's a story and that's what makes this fight exciting, whether you want to see me win or you want to see me lose," Punk said of his upcoming debut.

Punk is one of the most dedicated and devoted athletes (yes, athlete) in the world. As a professional wrestler, he became wildly popular because he rose from the independent circuit to become the WWE Champion. He became popular as both a good guy and a bad guy, and cut one of the most famous promos of all time, blurring the line between reality and truth.

As it turns out, his promo was much more reality than it was scripted, as much of the things he said became strangely prophetic.

CM Punk will face Mickey Gall on Saturday, September 10 at UFC 203.


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