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Amy Kaplan

Two of the nicest guys in MMA are coaching the new group of hopefuls for this year's The Ultimate Fighter reality show, but their insults might leave a little to be desired for the hardcore fan.

Verbal jabs between the coaches is typical of TUF, but Joseph Benavidez is finding it hard to insult his opposing coach, Henry Cejudo because he thinks he's "corny."

We caught up with Benavidez at the TUF 24 season premier party and he had a few things to say about Cejudo.

"Me and Henry definitely have a clash of personalities," he said. "He's kind of everything I don't like and I'm not, and I'm everything he's not."

He says that he thought he was that way from afar, but now that he's been with him for six weeks, he can confirm it.

"Now I can call him out on camera," he said. "Calling him out for his kinda goofball, doofus, kinda whatever stuff that he does."

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