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Since his awe-inspiring debut in 1997, the Big Red Machine Kane has been a part of some of the most immortal moments in WWE history. Whether it was being part of the first ever Inferno match or winning multiple championships, Kane has done it all.

After a month-long absence, the Devil's Favorite Demon recently made his fiery return to WWE TV on SmackDown LIVE and chokeslammed a defenseless milkman — words I never thought I would say.

So it's safe to say that Kane has been part of some of the most hilarious — and unusual — moments in WWE history. From his demonic gimmick to the genius behind the man who portrays him, he always makes the most of these comedic situations. With this in mind, let's take a look back at some of the funniest moments of Kane's two decade-long career.

When Kane Didn't Like Country Music

In the midst of Kane's dominating run at the 2001 Royal Rumble, the Honky Tonk Man made his shocking return and decided to put on a little impromptu concert. The confused monster cocked his head and watched silently as the Honky Tonk man sang his own theme song.

But it wasn't long until Kane snapped the guitar from the legend's hand and broke it over his head, bringing the song to an abrupt end. The Big Red Machine hilariously shook his head before sending him out of the ring. I guess Kane really doesn't like country music.

Kane: A Secret Rock And Hogan Fan

When Kane was in the prime of his career, he was a fire-breathing, destructive monster. So nobody ever could have predicted that he was a secret Hulk Hogan and the Rock fan. However, that's exactly what we discovered in 2002, when Kane practically fanboyed over teaming up with the two, unleashing a hilarious spiel of the Rock's and Hogan's signature lines in front of them, stunning them to silence and making us all bust out laughing. I remember watching this back in '02, and I still find it hilarious to this day. Probably the funniest backstage segment in WWE history.

The Kane-A-Roonie

A Kane-A-Roonie? Yep, you heard it right. Back when a slimmer, more agile Kane returned with a new mask and attire, he quickly laid waste to the Un-Americans in typical Kane fashion, saving Goldust and Booker T. When Booker performed his signature "Spinaroonie" dance, he claimed that's what the fans came to see. However, Kane disagreed, saying that they also came to see the Kane-a-roonie. He then shockingly performed his own version of the spinaroonie and received acclaim from the audience. Yes Kane, you were right, we did all want to see that!

Freaks Are Cool!

Back in Kane's "coolest" period, he won the Intercontinental Championship, the Tag Team Championship and almost won the World Championship. At this point, he was more "over" with the fans — who were now affectionately known as "Kaneanites" — than he had ever been before. He talked more, smiled more and was much more agile in the ring. Oh, and he claimed that he and the Hurricane were freaks — and freaks are cool! He also stole a kiss from Terri!

The Red Wedding

Hell hath no fury like a monster scorned. This phrase came eerily true when Kane broke up his ex-wife Lita's wedding, took out Edge, tombstoned the priest and the set went up in flames — literally. With Edge and Lita being two of the most unlikable and disrespectful characters in WWE at this stage, it was funny to see the Big Red Monster send their wedding dreams up in smoke.

That One Time He Sang About Chestnuts

Who knew Kane was such a Christmas person? Well, here he proves his love for the holidays with a cheery rendition of "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)" as he cradles roasting chestnuts — in his hand. Not really though. Between the eerie background music and his sadistic laugh, Kane manages to make the most joyous lyrics sound downright terrifying.

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When He Told His Life Story In An Anger Management Class

The Kane character has been through so many ups and downs that to describe them to someone would make him sound outlandish and unreal. Well, WWE played off this beautifully by having Kane and Daniel Bryan take part in hilarious Anger Management sketches in which the Devil's Favorite Demon has to tell people about his childhood. Opening with "I grew up locked in a basement...", Kane delves into some of his most ludicrous WWE moments. Delivering it all with a straight face, Kane proves that although he may be a monster, he is also a comedic genius. And man, what a hilarious moment it makes.

When He Was Forced To "Hug It Out"

Kane likes... hugs? Back when Daniel Bryan and Kane couldn't settle their rivalry in the ring, they were forced to hug it out. With side-splitting moments, Kane struggles to hug Daniel and vice versa. Eventually, they managed to embrace, before destroying each other once again. And as unlikely as it was, this was the moment that Team Hell No was born.

Kane's Going To Disneyland

What does Kane do to celebrate winning the Tag Team titles? A decade beforehand, it was kissing the backstage announcer. Well it turns out that as time moved on so did Kane's methods. No longer was he kissing anybody, instead he was drenching his tag team partner, ex-girlfriend and Anger Management therapist in water before screaming "I'm going to Disneyland!" There are no words to describe this. Kane says it all.

When He Went All Jekyll And Hyde

When the masked Demon Kane returned at Night Of Champions in 2015 to exact revenge on Seth Rollins, nobody could have expected the cheery Corporate Kane to show up the next night. The happy-go-lucky Director Of Operations seemingly had no idea of his demonic alter-ego's actions the previous night, leading to some hilarious back and forth segments throughout the night. The moments once again highlighted Kane's strength at comedy and breathed some life into the Corporate Kane character.

Of course, that wasn't the end of the matter as the Demon resurfaced at the end of the night, placing the perfect exclamation point to a hilarious night.

That Time He Really Didn't Want To Dance

Kane has done a lot of things over his 20 year career. However, dancing isn't one of them. When Fandango was looking for a dance partner with "fire" in their belly on this week's SmackDown LIVE, the flames of hell signaled the arrival of Kane. But despite Fandango's intrigue, Kane didn't want to dance — just destroy. Although he did a little "Fandangoing" after laying waste to the dancer, celebrating his actions. Only Kane could make destruction funny.

Nobody dances like Kane!
Nobody dances like Kane!

So despite two decades of destruction and dominance, Kane has somehow managed to make us laugh more than any other WWE athlete. Both WWE and Glenn Jacobs have embraced just how outlandish the character is and thus, use it to their advantage in some golden comedy moments. Kane may have set some superstars on fire, tombstoned and chokeslammed others and kidnapped some more, but he never fails to provide us with some genius humor.

Thank you Kane, for not only two decades of destruction, but for always making us chuckle when we least expect it.

What was your favorite comedic moment from Kane? Let us know in the comments!


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