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Light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier took to Facebook this week to ask his fans what they wanted to know about him, the UFC or anything, really.

After over 1,000 comments, we have picked a few of the things we liked best so you don't have to scroll endlessly through the thread. Trust me, your fingers will thank us!

*Note: We copied and pasted directly. No spelling, punctuation or grammar has been corrected.

Cormier thinks Jon Jones is the GOAT

Question: Who is the greatest fighter to step foot in the Octagon ? Be real

Answer: [Jon] Jones is undefeated, what he has done in the octagon can't be argued against, so I'd say him.

He really loves his family

Question: What's your greatest accomplishment in life. And what do you feel people at your level of celebrity take for granted the most?

Answer: My children.

Question: Whats up DC, big fan, just curious who did you look up to when you were younger?

Answer: My parents they are great people, Love that I have been able to show them amazing things in their lives.

Question: Flying out to analyze fight cards is tough and training camp is tougher. How much time do you spend with your family since you have these other obligations?

Answer: I spend as much time as I can. When I am not working all my time goes to my family.

His thoughts on the Olympics

Question: Which grind is tougher... the road to olympic wrestling or UFC gold?

Answer: Olympics 100%

Question: DC, how did you feel about wrestling at the olympics this year? Thoughts? Best matches, feelings, observations?

Answer: It was amazing I love watching wrestling. Many great matches.

He's a foodie

Question: Hey daniel wassup man... Whats ur favorite fast food??

Answer: Surprisingly I don't eat much fast food only Popeyes honestly.

Question: I live in the same area as you, and I'm also from Louisiana. Have you found any decent Cajun places to eat around here? Other than Popeyes! Haha

Answer: No I haven't, but Poor House Bistro is decent, and there is also one called Louisiana Kitchen downtown thats pretty good. Won't be like home but it'll do LOL.

Question: What's your favorite food to eat AFTER a fight ?

Answer: Anything bad LOL.

And here is the full thread for any juicy bits we may have missed:


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