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Josh Molina

Based on recent footage of CM Punk, his stand-up game could use some work.

Maybe Punk's strength will be his ground game and his jiu-jitsu? CM Punk will fight Mickey Gall at next Saturday's UFC 203, and if the fight goes to the ground, well, Punk may also be at a disadvantage.

Gall looks to have some skills on the ground. Here he is in 2015.

Gall will fight CM Punk at UFC 203 on Sept. 10. Punk will be making his debut after a long career as a member of the WWE. Punk is determined to make a successful run in the WWE, but many hardcore MMA observers have blasted the 37-year-old, saying that he is using his celebrity to get a big pay day fight in the biggest MMA organization in the world.

Gall promises to finish Punk in the first round. Punk said he is in the UFC for the long haul, and win or lose, he is not going away.

The UFC is in a win-win situation. Punk's appearance will undoubtedly boost PPV buys. If he wins, Punk's star will rise and he could get a big-name fight very soon. If Punk loses, Gall could emerge as a big star, the guy who defeated the professional wrestler.

Gall is the heavy favorite going into the fight.


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